Your nose crinkles……..your eyes squint…… get a double chin…….but we think you look awesome !

(here’s a quick selection of crinkly, squinty, double chinned, happy chicks)



an awesome wedding with an awesome couple

soon to be featured in Cosmo Bride……….stay tuned !

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My friend Jackie is very sick

I’ve been torn about whether to show this or not – whether is looks opportunistic, whether is looks like a business promotion, whether is shows my skill as a photographer………….. but none of that is important – my friend Jackie is very sick……I’m no doctor, I have no skills to make any of it better, my only skill is to take a photo that shows how much she loves her husband and hope that it brings her and Damian some joy, and that one day her two little babies will understand the love in this photo

At the very least, posting this photo shows that there are always people worse off, be thankful for what you have, love the ones you love properly and cherish it


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hawaiian wedding

just an amazing experience for us to spend a week with Chrystal & Simon in Maui, we were treated like family

watch the slideshow as well as view the images below

greatest hits

Hey……..if the Rolling Stones can have a greatest hits album……then so should we……….

watch our recent greatest hits in the slideshow